'Satin Returns'

Melbourne's Pop n' Roll sons, Even deliver the goods with their seventh studio album, 'Satin Returns'.

Even Satin Returns

(Return to Stardust) "...as it steadily meanders its way through an impeccable nine minutes".

Available on Vinyl

Return To Stardust EP

Artist: Even
Label: El Reno Music
Release Date: 16-5-2020
Genres: Indie, Indie Rock, Pop, Rock
People: Ashley Naylor, Matthew Cotter, Wally Kempton
1. Return To Stardust
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2. Mark The Days
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3. Back To Life
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4. On The Run
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About New Album

‘Return To Stardust’ is the masterful final track from EVEN’s seventh studio album ‘Satin Returns’.

To showcase this epic, 9 minute 26 second song, it is being released on 12″ vinyl by El Reno Music, along with a brand new song, ‘On The Run’, and two other tracks, ‘Mark The Days’ and ‘Back To Life’, which will be available on vinyl for the first time.