In 2018 EVEN celebrates the release of ‘Satin Returns’, the band’s first new album in seven years.

The Boys are Back! (2018)

On 16 May 2018, EVEN released its seventh studio album ‘Satin Returns’.

Ashley Naylor, Matthew Cotter and Wally Kempton have created something special.

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Available on Limited Edition Hot Pink Vinyl and 180 gram classic Black Vinyl

Also available on CD digipak featuring a 16 page booklet

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The Street Press Years (1994 – 2003)

It all started for EVEN in 1994 when Ashley Naylor and Matthew Cotter, former band mates from The Swarm, teamed up with Wally Kempton from The Meanies.

The band’s first release was the ‘In Stereo’ EP, released in 1995 on Rubber Records, and featured the track ’24 Hour Cynic’ which received extensive airplay on community radio.  This was followed up by another EP in 1995, ‘Ten to Forty Six’, featuring the live favourite ‘Stupid Dream’.

In 1996, EVEN released its widely anticipated debut album ‘Less Is More’.   The album was critically acclaimed and received an ARIA nomination for Best Independent Release.  EVEN was named Rolling Stone Hot Band of the Year.  ‘Less Is More’ was also recognised by The Age EG Top 50 Australian Albums of All Time in 2008, coming in at #36, wedged between Rose Tattoo and AC/DC.  The album featured three singles, ‘Don’t Wait’, ‘Peaches and Cream’ and ‘Stop and Go Man’.  ‘Less Is More’ is the only EVEN album to be originally released on vinyl.

In 1997, EVEN released the ‘One Side Not’ EP, named as a counterpoint to the Genesis album ‘Three Sides Live’.  This release features notable live favourites ‘I Have Nothing’ and ‘Mayfair Laundry Bus’.

EVEN’s second album, ‘Come Again’, was producd by American producer Tony Lash (Dandy Warhols) and released in 1998.  It featured the singles ‘No Surprises’, ‘Sunshine Comes’ and arguably EVEN’s most recognisable song ‘Black Umbrella’.  The first CD release of this album included a limited edition bonus disc containing b-sides and other rarities.

EVEN’s third album, ‘A Different High’, was released in June 2001, and will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2011.  It features the singles ‘Shining Star’ and ‘Electric Light’, as well as the 7″ vinyl-only  release ‘Rock and Roll Save My Life’.  The album concludes with one of EVEN’s most popular and majestic live tracks ‘We Are the Purple Nazz’.  It is arguably EVEN’s most complete album and is sure to be considered a classically underappreciated album in years to come.

A compilation entitled ‘The Street Press Years’ summarised the band’s earlier releases, and is a great introduction to the band for new fans, with an added bonus for the band’s loyal followers in the form of an exclusive previously unreleased track ‘Time To See’.

Chapters 4 and 5

In 2004, EVEN released its ‘difficult’ fourth studio album ‘Free Kicks’, which was recorded during numerous sessions in Melbourne and the UK.  It was also the only EVEN album not released on the Rubber Records label, released under the band’s own label El Reno Records.

EVEN’s eponymously-titled fifth studio album ‘EVEN’ was released in 2008, produced by Wayne Connolly and EVEN.  Two singles were released from this album, ‘Rainbows’ and ‘I Am the Light’ both as limited edition 7′ vinyl singles.

Two limited edition CD singles in 2009, ‘Temperamental Flower’ and ‘Back To Life’  gave EVEN fans a taste of what to expect on ‘In Another Time’ .  In 2010, EVEN celebrated sixteen significant years together with a series of special shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Chapter 6 – In Another Time

In 2012,  EVEN delivered ‘In Another Time’, which many EVEN enthusiasts have described as the band’s finest hour.

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