'Satin Returns'

Melbourne's Pop n' Roll sons, Even deliver the goods with their seventh studio album, 'Satin Returns'.

Even Satin Returns

(Return to Stardust) "...as it steadily meanders its way through an impeccable nine minutes".

Available on Vinyl

Upcoming Shows

Corner Hotel, Richmond, VIC

Amazingly, EVEN will be playing four very special shows to keep the XMAS EVEN tradition alive in 2020!

All shows are at the Corner Hotel, 57 Swan St, Richmond.
Special guest for all shows is Clio Renner

Tickets available here:
Monday 21 December 2020 17:00 (Early Show):  https://cornerhotel.com/gig/129932488571/

Monday 21 December 2020 21:00 (Late Show):  https://cornerhotel.com/gig/129934743315/

Wednesday 23 December 2020 17:00 (Early Show):  https://cornerhotel.com/gig/129935258857/

Wednesday 23 December 2020 21:00 (Late Show):  https://cornerhotel.com/gig/129935672093/

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